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Reading #8

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Sorry I’ve been a little slow on this one.

This week, we’ve covered a lot of content surrounding editorials/magazines, and how/why they looked the way they did. To cap this off, I’d like you to watch another of Steve Heller’s SVA podcasts – titled “Merz to Emigre”—I have uploaded it onto Dropbox. The podcast is split into 2 parts. Both parts are very informative, but you are required only to watch part 2 – as this is most relevant to the content you’ve seen this week. Give your feedback on styles and ideas used and expressed, as usual.

If you don’t have dropbox, the link is here .

Deadline is Monday at midnight!


Reading Assignment #7

Hi all,

After going over design styles in Switzerland, Italy and the US this week, I’d like you to read 2 chapters from your book on Swiss design and the Milanese style (pages 130 – 146). Comment on preferred work, or perhaps work you were not so keen on. I would also like you to factor in the work from US designers that you have seen in the power points this week.

Deadline as ever is Saturday at midnight!

Reading Assignment

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Reading Assignment #6

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Please read the chapter on Germany in your text book (chapter 6). It talks at length about the influence of the Bauhaus and it’s main protagonists. The chapter also mentions other pioneering designers, from Constructivism, Dada and De Stijl. Using the examples in the book and notes from this weeks classes, give me your opinion on the Bauhaus at Weimar and Dessau, and the new design conventions. I’m not looking for a synopsis—just your opinions. Are you a fan of the expressionistic layouts and methods of the Weimar Bauhaus, or did you prefer the austere, orthogonal compositions during the Dessau period?

Deadline as usual is Saturday at midnight.

Have a good weekend!


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The next set of lectures are on DropBox!